Downtown Grand Las Vegas brings back the '20s for New Year's

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Downtown Grand Las Vegas brings back the '20s for New Year's
The GRAND Gatsby celebration will bring the roaring '20s back to life with entertainment, a pub crawl and other swanky events.

Mare Balticum Gaming Summit 2018 – the Baltic and Scandinavian region

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Mare Balticum Gaming Summit 2018 – the Baltic and Scandinavian region

The inaugural edition of Mare Balticum Gaming Summit Riga will be held on the 8th of May at Astor Riga in Latvia. The Baltic and Scandinavian region provide a great wealth of knowledge when it comes to online gambling. The regulations in the region have been carefully adjusted and the current status of the markets show good investment potential. The ...

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Orland Park to Consider Greenlighting Video Gambling

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Orland Park to Consider Greenlighting Video Gambling

The first public meeting of Orland Park on video gambling took place, bringing into light various issues related to the question whether or not video gambling should be permitted in the village. Other major theme which has been discussed over the meeting was the competitiveness of small businesses in the region as well as the social costs and effects of gambling.

Reportedly, about 200 people attended Orland Park’s public meeting on video gambling, which took place at the Civic Center of the village. Both proponents and opponents of gambling were present there, with restaurant and bar owners claiming to local officials that they have been put at a competitive disadvantage due to the fact that they are not permitted to offer video gambling.

The village, situated in Cook County, has decided to re-consider the issue nearly eight years after it decided to ban video gambling following the approval given by the state of Illinois to video game terminals. At the time when the state officially permitted the devices, it also gave local municipalities the chance to decide whether they want to accept the state law or ban the machines on their own.

Two other public forums aimed to discuss possible video gambling permission in Orland Park are planned for December 11th and January 8th.

Orland Park to Consider Several VGT-Related Issues

Now, eight years after the Orland Park village has made the decision to ban video gambling, local business owners backed the idea, saying that the permission of the machines was not a social, but a business issue. According to the owner of Paddy B’s Pub, Tim McCarthy, the ban on video gambling terminals made local residents spend money outside the village, which hurt the revenue stream in the village.

His opinion was also backed by Michale Halleran, Orland Bowl’s owner, who also supported video gambling and reminded that competing bowling alleys in nearby suburbs which have not banned video gambling do not face such issues.

Of course, video gambling had opponents as well. People who were skeptical about the permission of video gambling shared their concerns that the machines could turn out to be very tempting to local residents suffering from gambling addictions. Some of them also offered a referendum to be made in order for a decision to be made.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, Orland Park could get annual tax revenue of over $460,000 every year in case it gives the green light to video game terminals. The expected revenue is based on a total of 150 terminals operating in the village as well as on a $5,000 yearly license fee.

A proposal was made for an authoritative order under which businesses that offer video game terminals would be required to pay annual fee estimated to $1,000 per a machine. At present times, a maximum of five terminals per establishment is permitted under state laws. A $2,500 initial application fee is also to be applied to businesses who would like to be granted with a video game terminals operating license. Under the proposed ordinance, an annual license renewal fee of $1,000 is to be imposed on VGT operators, too.

Also, under the proposed measures, video gambling would be restricted to businesses that own a Class A liquor license and have been operating in Orland Park for at least 18 straight months. According to the results of a recent survey, currently there are 67 Class A liquor license holders in the village, with 23 of them saying they were interested in offering VGT to their customers.

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Karl Slatoff from Take-Two Claims Loot Boxes Are Not Form of Gambling

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Karl Slatoff from Take-Two Claims Loot Boxes Are Not Form of Gambling

Recently, loot boxes have been in the spotlight of a controversial debate whether or not they should be classified as gambling. A number of Governments and regulatory authorities worldwide have revealed that they are to take the matter into consideration. Others, such as Belgium, have already categorized them as gambling and urged other European countries to take measures and ban loot boxes.

Of course, not everyone thinks loot boxes are form of gambling activity. Speaking at the Credit Suisse 21st Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, the president of the American multinational video games and video game peripherals’ publisher and distributor Take-Two, Karl Slatoff, shared that he does not think loot boxes could be described as gambling.

This statement is not surprising, provided the fact that it comes only a week after the one of the Entertainment Software Association, the lobbying group which represents large companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Take-Two. The opponents of loot boxes who consider the latter a form of gambling have taken these statements as harsh rejection of public concerns shared by many Government officials in a number of countries, including Belgium, the UK and the US, since authorities there have been concerned with the possible dangers of fraudulent loot box schemes.

It remains unknown whether or not will authorities agree with the explanation given by Mr. Slatoff, but the truth is that loot boxes and other micro-transactions are some of the most popular and preferred ways for gaming content publishers and developers to make money.

Nothing Wrong with Loot Boxes, Says Take-Two President

Mr. Slatoff was asked to comment on the recent controversy in regards to loot boxes and micro-transactions. As shared by him, the company’s view corresponded to the one of the European Space Agency (ESA), so Take-Two does not see loot boxes as gambling.

He shared that unlike the ones who describe loot boxes as a form of gambling, he and his company simply see them as tools that allow players to pay for some items that would make the game easier for them.

According to the video games publisher and distributor’s boss, the issue is all about content and about “overdelivering” on it. In his opinion, the main focus is always set on content and providing customers with the best-quality offering. Take-Two’s president shared that his company’s aim has always been to provide players with the best variety of extras to make their game easier and more interesting.

Mr. Slatoff also shared his projections for the gaming landscape over the upcoming years. He spoke of the various aspects of the gaming industry and paid extra attention to the ever-growing online gaming operations. He said he sees the future of gaming in online gaming and explained that the gaming operations would most likely go digital over the next ten years. When it comes to the long term, Mr. Slatoff explained that digital world is the future of gaming.

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Malta Gaming Authority speaks at SiGMA 2017

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Malta Gaming Authority speaks at SiGMA 2017
Members of the MGA participated in a host of panels during the event in Malta, held from 22-25 November.

Conor McGregor’s Career Might Be Finished, and That’s Unwelcomed News for Sportsbooks

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Conor McGregor’s Career Might Be Finished, and That’s Unwelcomed News for Sportsbooks

The future of Conor McGregor’s career is uncertain, as UFC President Dana White revealed this week that he has no idea what the next chapter holds for the Irish mixed martial arts (MMA) and boxing superstar.

Conor McGregor UFC boxing odds

Never short on emotion, Conor McGregor has apparently lost his mojo to step back into the boxing ring or UFC octagon. (Image: Mark Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports)

Talking with reporters this week about upcoming UFC fights, White was of course asked about the future of McGregor. The Ultimate Fighting Championship boss revealed he’s in the dark as much as anyone when it comes to the next time The Notorious might step into the octagon or boxing ring.

That’s a discouraging development to Nevada and Las Vegas sportsbooks, which took in approximately $65 million in bets on McGregor’s fight against Floyd Mayweather last August.

The much-hyped boxing spectacle, which was the first time the UFC great competed in a professionally sanctioned boxing bout, and furthermore against perhaps the great boxer of all time, smashed the Silver State’s previous record boxing handle that came during Mayweather’s 2015 clash against Manny Pacquiao.

Sportsbooks needed Money Mayweather to win, as he was the big favorite. Roughly 90 percent of the ticket slips sold were on McGregor, on long odds around +500. Though more money was on the undisputed now-50-0 champ Mayweather, McGregor’s long odds still kept the outcome heavily in Las Vegas’ favor.

UFC Backfire?

Conor McGregor, 29, is an outlandish personality who helped sell the fight against Mayweather. Boxing analysts criticized Floyd for taking his career to 50-0 and past Rocky Marciano’s perfect 49-0 mark against an MMA fighter who had never boxed.

But McGregor wanted the fight, White obliged for his superstar, and Mayweather accepted the challenge. The event took over the sports world, and the thinking for the UFC was that the fight would help grow its fan base. That was largely dependent on McGregor returning.

“We’re still in that ‘Conor might never fight again,'” White explained. “The guy’s got a $100 million. I’ve got guys who have made less than that … and quit working. Fighting is the worst. Try to get up and get punched in the face for a living when you’ve got $100 million in the bank.”

White said he was working on a fight for McGregor for late 2017, but it simply didn’t come to fruition.

McGregor Follies

By all accounts, it appears McGregor has taken his riches back to his native Ireland and is partaking in all the country has to offer. “Conor is a rich kid, who is a god in Ireland. That’s not the healthiest environment,” White continued.

McGregor got back in the news earlier this month when he attended his friend Charlie Ward’s MMA fight in Dublin. After Ward knocked out his opponent in the opening round, McGregor rushed the cage despite the fight not being declared over. He would go on to push and later slap officials trying to get him out of the cage.

Reports also surfaced this past weekend that McGregor was involved in a pub fight in Dublin. He’s alleged to have hit a member of an Irish drug cartel, but White said he doesn’t believe those rumors are true.   

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Pragmatic Play deals with William Hill

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Pragmatic Play deals with William Hill

Leading slot developer Pragmatic Play deals with William Hill after it has signed an agreement to offer its portfolio of games to this leading operator. As Pragmatic Play deals with William Hill, Pragmatic Play titles such as Wolf Gold, Jurassic Giants and Pixie Wings will be made available to the operator’s William Hill Casino through the Quickfire platform. Graeme Powrie, Commercial Director at William Hill, said: ...

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Habanero launches Santa’s Village online slot

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Habanero launches Santa’s Village online slot

Popular slots and table games provider Habanero brings presents for those players who’ve been good this year with a festive release, Santa’s Village online slot. The new 5×3 Santa’s Village online slot sees the popular character set off on a jolly walk in the snowy lanes, visiting “gift houses” as he lands on winnings spins. They transform the grid’s theme and ...

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Jackpot elusive for three new upstate New York casinos

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Jackpot elusive for three new upstate New York casinos
Three new upstate New York casinos have so far failed to generate the big payoffs they projected, meaning less money shared with towns, cities and counties. Slot machine and ...

A Day to Remember brings tour to Hard Rock Las Vegas

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A Day to Remember brings tour to Hard Rock Las Vegas
To celebrate 15 years of music, the band will visit the Las Vegas casino on 28 February.

Zitro experienced successful SAGSE game fair in Buenos Aires

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Zitro experienced successful SAGSE game fair in Buenos Aires

Zitro is proud to announce the company’s great success at the last edition of the SAGSE game fair in Buenos Aires, marked a before and after in the Latin America region. The company is led by Johnny Ortiz and has been leading the Video Bingo market in Latin America for years, and since launching its new Video Slots brand Bryke ...

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Macau Regulators Playing Cards for Casino License Renewal Close to Vest

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Macau Regulators Playing Cards for Casino License Renewal Close to Vest

While casino operators in Macau will need to start reapplying for their gaming licenses in the next few years, they shouldn’t expect any early indications of what the conditions for those renewals will be. That’s the word from Macau Secretary for Economy and Finance Lionel Leong Vai Tac, who says that the competitive nature of the gaming industry means the territory will want to keep its cards close to its vest.

Macau’s Secretary for Economy and Finance Lionel Leong Vai Tac

Macau’s Secretary for Economy and Finance Lionel Leong Vai Tac says that Macau won’t tip its hand too early when it comes determining rules and concessions for current and future casino licensees. (Image: GGRAsia)

According to GGRAsia, Leong spoke on Thursday in front of Macau’s Legislative Assembly to address the upcoming expiration of concessions granted to the six current casino operators in the Chinese gambling enclave. Those licenses will end on various dates between 2020 and 2022. Leong said that increased competition throughout Asia means that regulators in the market need to be careful about revealing information before it is necessary.

“Before we announce the new rules, we need to think about the appropriate time to do so, in order to guarantee the sustainable development of the [gaming] sector,” Leong said.

Regional Competition Prompts Discretion

The main concern appears to be the potential reaction from other jurisdictions in the region. If Macau were to start announcing their rules now, Leong said, then regulators in other regions might adjust their own policies to increase the competitive pressure on China.

The comments follow statements earlier this month from Macau’s Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On, who suggested that the right time to start revealing information to operators looking to extend their licenses would be sometime in mid-2018.

Not surprisingly, current license holders might want information about standards and concessions sooner rather than later. Angela Leong On Kei, an executive director at SJM Holdings, recently urged Macau officials to announce their intentions so that the process could move forward more smoothly for interested parties.

Under the gaming laws of Macau, the government does have the ability to renew the current concession for up to five additional years. However, once these contracts expire, any new concessions can only be granted via public tender.

Macau Casino Regulation 2.0

While there is plenty of excitement over growing gaming revenues in Macau and across Asia, the hottest topic in Macau has been the impending licensing renewals, with both the government and casinos taking steps to prepare for the application process.

For some operators, that means pouring money into the city in order to make their properties as attractive as possible. Just last month, Las Vegas Sands announced plans to spend $1.1 billion to renovate and rebrand the Sands Cotai Central.

On the government’s side of the equation, Macau authorities have said that all aspects of the gaming sector will be re-evaluated before new licensing begins. The government’s goals could potentially include better regulation of junkets, as well as a push to increase mass market and non-gaming revenue generators.

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Portugal to Amend Online Gambling Law

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Portugal to Amend Online Gambling Law

Portugal’s government will review the country’s gambling laws in 2018, local media reported on Friday. The Iberian country regulated its online gambling market in 2015 and officially opened it for international operators in the summer of 2016, when the first online gambling license was issued.

Late last week, Portuguese lawmakers presented the budget plan for 2018. Among a number of other provisions, the plan also contains proposed amendments to the country’s Online Gambling Law. These are mostly concerned with the legalization of national and international liquidity for different iGaming and betting services.

Earlier this year, Portugal entered into a shared online poker liquidity agreement with France, Italy, and France. Said agreement will allow the country to merge its online poker player pool with those the other participating country.

Under the proposed amendments to the nation’s existing gambling laws, Portugal will be able to enter similar agreements for other online gambling activities. In other words, Portugal-facing operators , both gaming and sports betting, will be able to share their customer pools with fellow brands that are licensed by the local gambling regulator, Serviço de Regulação e Inspeção de Jogos (SRIJ). What is more, Portugal-licensed operators will be able to merge their Portuguese player pools with the player pools in other regulated jurisdictions these hold licenses from.

If approved, the proposals included in the 2018 budget plan will be developed into a set of regulations by SRIJ in order to be able to be implemented. As reported by local media, a preliminary plan about the shared liquidity amendments has already been presented to the European Commission and has been received well by EU regulators.

Taxation Changes

Portugal’s new online gambling taxation regime has been the subject of bitter criticism since introduced more than two years ago. The country uses turnover as tax base as opposed to gross gambling revenue used by the majority of Europe’s regulated jurisdictions. This makes Portugal one of the most expensive jurisdictions for operators to provide their services in, and therefore highly unattractive.

The Remote Gambling Association has been among the most vocal opponents of the country’s taxation regime and has long been calling for changes in the way licensed operators are taxed. It seems that there will be certain changes indeed, but the established tax rates will likely remain the same.

At present, Portugal taxes sports betting operations at 16% on turnover, and casino operations, including online poker, at 30%.

The proposed amendments in the budget plan for 2018 call for certain changes in the tax on the so-called fixed-odds sports bets. Operators featuring such a gambling option will still be taxed on turnover, but the generated tax proceeds will be allocated in a manner different from the current distribution of the tax revenue generated from licensed gambling operators.

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U.S. sports leagues hedging their bets on nationwide legal gambling

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U.S. sports leagues hedging their bets on nationwide legal gambling
In court, all four major U.S. sports leagues are fighting New Jersey's challenge to the federal ban on sports gambling, which the Supreme Court will hear next month. Outside of court, leaders of three of the four leagues have made public comments that suggest they ...

Wazdan flash mob stole the show during SiGMA 2017

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Wazdan flash mob stole the show during SiGMA 2017

Popular software provider, Wazdan stole the show with Malta Philharmonic Orchestra Flash Mob during SiGMA, one of Europe’s biggest iGaming events. Wazdan flash mob attracted crowds and called attention to Maltese culture for City of Culture Valletta 2018 and Wazdan’s own creativity. Professional dancers dressed in traditional Maltese costumes accompanied the musicians to make the event even more interesting for ...

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New rule for horse racing approved by British Horseracing Authority

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New rule for horse racing approved by British Horseracing Authority

The British Horseracing Authority will introduce a new rule which requires racecards to state whether a horse has recently undergone wind surgery. From the 19th of January 2018, racecards must state whether a horse is having its first run after such surgeries as tie back, hobday, tie forward, epiglottic or soft palate cautery surgery by printing the initials ‘WS’ next ...

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How UNLV Researchers Are Helping Shape Rollout of Casino Gambling in Japan

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How UNLV Researchers Are Helping Shape Rollout of Casino Gambling in Japan

The Japanese government is systematically moving forward, albeit slowly, with legislation that will authorize the development of integrated gaming resorts, a major change for a country that has long prohibited casino gambling. And researchers from UNLV’s International Gaming Institute are helping Japanese officials prepare to build the best gaming industry possible.

Dr. Brett Abarbanel, International Gaming Institute

International Gaming Institute Director of Research Brett Abarbanel was among those who authored two reports to help Japan develop its regulated gaming industry. (Image: Josh Hawkins/UNLV)

UNLV announced earlier in November that IGI Researcher Dr. Brett Abarbanel received a $289,000 grant from the US Chamber of Commerce to continue her project, “Socio-Economic Impact of the Integrated Resort in Japan and Evaluation of Nevada Gaming Regulatory Process to Eliminate Organized Crime in Las Vegas Casinos.”

It’s all part of a collaboration between UNLV and Japan, to help them formulate regulatory systems, set up programs that address problem gambling, and keep criminal elements out of an emergent casino industry.

“Japan is in a fortunate position,” said IGI Executive Director Bo Bernhard. “The government is asking all of the right questions, and the science behind the socioeconomic impacts of integrated resorts has improved significantly in the past 15 years, providing practical and powerful guidelines for many decisions.”

Earlier this year, a group of Japanese business leaders and government officials commissioned researchers at the IGI to give them guidance on how to best regulate integrated casino resorts. And earlier this month, those reports produced by Abarbanel, Bernhard, and Jennifer Roberts of the IGI, and Kahlil Philander of Washington State University, were made public.

Growth and Responsibility

The idea was to put together a comprehensive picture for Japan before they embarked on implementing large scale legalized gambling for the first time. Over the course of 100 pages in “Socio-economic impacts of Japanese integrated resorts – review and recommendations,” the UNLV team looked at how the Japanese government could balance the goals of growing a tourism market while simultaneously minimizing gambling’s social costs.

Among their recommendations was a call for creation of specialized law enforcement divisions for gaming investigations, and for the development of a national problem gambling council that would be “neutral” towards the gaming industry.

The report also considered previous research on the impact of different types of regulations, such as betting limits at casinos, and shared their conclusion that there was “limited information about the effectiveness of these programs in reducing harm.”

Lawmakers in the Japanese Diet have floated the idea of requiring entry fees for locals to keep problem gamblers away. However, the UNLV authors warned against this.

“Worryingly, admission fees likely increase the share of revenue from players with a gambling disorder,” the report stated. “We strongly discourage placing any constraints on the domestic market (either through visit limits or entry fees).”

Keeping Mob Influence at Bay

The second report from the IGI aimed to help Japanese officials understand how they could keep organized crime out of the gaming industry.

In Japan, yakuza mobsters currently have control of many Japanese gambling activities. But using Nevada as a model, researchers showed how Las Vegas managed to move away from a mob-controlled culture, and made several recommendations for licensing process and industry regulations to have proven effective at helping keep the casino business clean.

For instance, the authors said that the regulatory system should be able to “help perform police-level overt and covert criminal investigations,” and that casinos should be encouraged to engage in vigorous self-regulation to support such a system. Regulators should also have the power to impose sanctions against operators, and exclude people linked to organized crime from even entering licensed resorts.

“For Japan to attract the desired and desirable kind of globally-competitive capital investment in its integrated resorts, which will in turn allow for the kinds of globally-competitive integrated resort destinations to be constructed, there can be no association with organized crime at all,” the report said.

The authors concluded that these steps and others would be necessary to ensure that Japan’s gaming industry could compete in the global market, which is why they contacted the academics who know this world best.

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In times of crisis, the gaming industry often calls this guy

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Las Vegas Sun Stories: Gaming
In times of crisis, the gaming industry often calls this guy
Bo Bernhard, who leads UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, answers the “bat signal” for calls worldwide.

Bookmakers’ Hospitality to MPs Raises More Concerns in FOBTs Debate

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Bookmakers’ Hospitality to MPs Raises More Concerns in FOBTs Debate

The most recent figures about hospitality British MPs have received from bookmakers have raised additional questions and doubts whether participants in the debate over the controversial fixed-odds betting terminals have been presenting impartial and unbiased views on the matter.

The Independent reported today that Conservative MP Philip Davies has received a total of £4,354 in horse races tickets and hospitality from bookmakers since March. Most recently, the politician was treated to tickets to the York Races. The gift was courtesy of Ladbrokes Coral.

Mr. Davies is known to be one of the staunchest opponents of the now imminent crackdown on the so-called FOBTs. The UK Government announced in late October that there will be a reduction of the maximum bet the machines accept. At present, players can bet up to £100 every 20 seconds. The Government said that the maximum stake could be cut to just £2.

On the looming crackdown on the gambling machines, which have been blamed for a rise in gambling addiction rates, Mr. Davies said that the Government was simply trying to appeal to popular opinion and that there were far more addictive gambling activities than betting on FOBTs.

Fears over Conflict of Interest

While MPs who have been treated to hospitality from bookmakers have made due entry into the Register of Members’ Financial Interests, concerns have been voiced that their opinion on the FOBTs matter could have been influenced by the powerful gambling industry lobbyism.

It was estimated that Ladbrokes Coral, which operates the largest chain of betting shops with FOBTs in the country, could lose £450 million in gross gambling yield in 2018, if the maximum FOBTs stake is cut to just £2.

According to industry lobbyists, bookmakers will be forced to close shops and lay off staff as a result from the pending crackdown. It is also believed that smaller, independent bookmakers will have to shut down operations altogether.

A document obtained by The Guardian and published prior to the October 31 FOBTs debate showed that there were questions for MPs that represented viewpoints and arguments previously pushed by bookmakers and their lobbyists.

A spokesperson for Ladbrokes Coral has told The Independent that industry opponents have been carrying out a “McCarthyism type campaign” by trying to use the gifts made to MPs as an argument against the industry. The operator admitted to engaging with politicians in a bid to present them with a picture of the consequences of a FOBTs crackdown, the company representative went on to say, arguing that it granting hospitality to MPs has always been an open process and that all gifts have been registered as required.

The UK Government is currently into a 12-week consultation period during which it will receive and review input from all involved parties in the FOBTs debate. It will then announce by how much the maximum FOBT stake will be cut. The options before MPs are a reduction to £50, £20, or £5.

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Sam Greenwood Takes Down partypoker Caribbean Poker Party $5,300 MILLIONS Main Event

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Sam Greenwood Takes Down partypoker Caribbean Poker Party $5,300 MILLIONS Main Event

Canadian poker pro Sam Greenwood wrapped a terrific week last night by outlasting the 1,061 entries of the partypoker Caribbean Poker Party $5,300 MILLIONS Main Event. The player collected $1 million in prize money and the partypoker trophy after an action-packed heads-up match against Russia’s Andrey Shatilov.

The final day of the tournament was played on Saturday. It kicked off with 12 remaining players and with Greenwood as the chip leader. Action developed quickly at first and it did not take that long before the field was reduced to just nine players. Play then slowed down a bit and the players needed several hours before setting the official final table of eight.

Shatilov emerged as the chip leader after eliminating Udo Erlei in seventh place, and maintained his advantage all the way down to heads-up. Greenwood himself was not running bad at the final table, although it can be said that he had a bit of a bumpy ride. There was a point in play when he had only two and a half big blinds left. However, he managed to improve quickly.

Greenwood had built a solid stack by the time there were only four players left at the table and was trailing not far behind the chip leader, Shatilov.

It was actually Greenwood who set the heads-up match. The player eliminated Jonas Gjeldstad, who was the short stack at the time, in third place to enter the final stage of the tournament and play against Shatilov for the title and the first-place prize.

Heads-Up Action

The two-handed match kicked off with Shatilov holding the chip lead. He had a total of 598 million to Greenwood’s 449 million. The two players battled it out for good three hours before the name of the champion became clear. During that time, chips swung back and forth and it was more than clear that none of the two survivors would give up on the title without putting up a good fight.

On what turned out to be the final hand in play, Greenwood raised to 24 million pre-flop and Shatilov called to see the [8s][6s][4h] flop. Shatilov checked and Greenwood bet 20 million. Shatilov called. The [3d] landed on the turn. Shatilov checked and Greenwood bet 100 million. Shatilov took some time to consider his next move and eventually shoved for his last 362 million.

Greenwood called instantly, tabling [Kh][Kd] against his opponent’s [9c][8c]. The [5d] appeared on the river and the Russian player was eliminated in second place, good for $650,000.

Talking about the tournament and the heads-up match, Greenwood showed great appreciation for his final opponent. The champion went on to modestly say that he won the tournament mainly because he was on the right side of the cards.

The Canadian cashed in a total of three tournaments over the course of the Caribbean Poker Party festival. The player first finished third in the $10,300 High Roller, then improved to second-place finish in the $25,500 Super High Roller, and finally took down the Main Event. Greenwood thus added more than $1.3 million to his poker bankroll.

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Sam Greenwood Leads 12 Players into partypoker Caribbean Poker Party $5,300 MILLIONS Main Event Final Day

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Sam Greenwood Leads 12 Players into partypoker Caribbean Poker Party $5,300 MILLIONS Main Event Final Day

Canadian poker pro Sam Greenwood made two final table appearances in the partypoker-sponsored Caribbean Poker Party within a couple of days and is poised to appear at the final table of one more tournament. The player finished Day 4 of the ongoing $5,300 Main Event as the chip leader with significant advantage over his remaining 11 fellow competitors.

Led by Greenwood, the tournament’s twelve survivors are set to return today at the host venue Meliá Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic, and to play down to a champion. The last man standing will receive the amount of $1 million. Bearing this in mind, we could only expect fierce competition and quality poker action from all twelve players who will certainly be vying for the title.

The remaining players will first have to set the official eight-handed final table and then continue battling up until a winner is determined. Here it is also important to note that each of the twelve hopefuls is guaranteed a payout of $42,000.

Greenwood has been running particularly good in this year’s Caribbean Poker Party. As mentioned above, the player made two final table appearances in several days. He first finished third in the $10,300 High Roller and then finished runner-up to Chris Hunichen in the $25,500 Super High Roller. The player now has the chance to improve to a top position in the Main Event.

How Greenwood Scooped the Commanding Chip Lead

The Canadian poker pro performed quite well on Day 4 of the tournament and managed to built a nice chip stack over the course of action. He actually captured the chip lead on the very last hand played for the night. He went all-in in a confrontation against Norway’s Preben Stokkan, who was the chip leader at the time. The board gave Greenwood a nut flush to secure him with a massive pot and the overnight chip lead.

The player will enter the final day of play with 193.9 million in chips and with massive advantage over the rest of the survivors. Norway’s Jonas Gjelstad collected the second largest stack last night, which totaled 117.7 million in chips. Czech Republic’s Jiri Horak will begin Day 5 play third in chips with 104.5 million.

It is interesting to note that despite the massive blow he suffered on the last hand in play last night, Stokkan is still well-positioned for the title. The player will enter the final day action fourth in chips with 99 million. Stokkan will be vying for his second title within the Caribbean Poker Party festival. He was crowned the victor of the $10,300 High Roller Greenwood finished third in. The Norwegian poker player collected his best live cash of $275,000 for taking down the exciting tournament.

Notables like Jason Koon and Felipe Ramos are also still in contention and ready to return to the host venue for the final day of the Main Event. Action is scheduled to resume at noon local time.

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Future Gaming Leaders Get Schooled at Casino Executive Boot Camp in Lake Tahoe

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Future Gaming Leaders Get Schooled at Casino Executive Boot Camp in Lake Tahoe

The current and future leaders of the global gaming industry descended upon Lake Tahoe last week for the Executive Development Program, a leadership training conference designed to help directors, executives, and government regulators keep pace with today’s fast-changing gambling world.

Gaming EDP 2017

Jim McClenahan, director of corporate relations and outreach at the University of Nevada, Reno, was one of nearly a dozen featured speakers and faculty members at the gaming industry’s 2017 Executive Development Program in Lake Tahoe. (Image: Twitter/@UNLVigi)

Held this year from Nov. 11-19 at Harveys Lake Tahoe Casino and Resort, the annual Executive Development Program (EDP) welcomed more than 50 students for an intensive series of seminars and presentations that takes industry movers and shakers and invites them to participate in study teams and analysis. Since it began in 1990, more than 1,300 gaming company executives have graduated from the program.

These are the people who presumably will be making decisions at their casinos that will shape the gaming experience of customers, and possibly setting standards for gaming venues around the world to follow.

Over the course of nine days, participants at the EDP gained expertise on topics ranging from casino marketing and strategic planning to crisis management and the social impacts of gambling. Recent events such as the Las Vegas mass shooting and the current state of the industry all played into the 2017 curriculum.

Esports and Crisis Response

Front and center this year were discussions about the growth of esports, and the difficulties casinos have found in efforts to connect with Millennials, who are showing a notable lack of interest in playing slot machines unlike generations that preceded them.

“Gamers will gamble if games are designed with them in mind,” Seth Schorr, CEO of the Downtown Grand in Las Vegas, said during a presentation on esports.

There also was particular interest this year in how casino staffs can prepare for and respond better to crises and tragedy in the future, with the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in Las Vegas on Oct. 1, forcing casino companies to rethink their approaches to security, high rollers, and crisis communications.

Alan Feldman, who as executive vice president of MGM Resorts has been closely involved in these matters on a daily basis, spoke about the importance of being open with the public as part of a thoughtfully managed response.

“Transparency is key, through high quality and honest communication,” Feldman said.

It wasn’t all serious business, however, for spudent at the special Lake Tahoe boot camp. There were fun and games as only the gaming industry could provide, including a poker tournament and an awards banquet to wrap up the conference.

Expert Faculty

Attendance at the EDP is determined by an application system, and is not something that anyone can just pay to attend. The cost is nearly $8,000 per student, and like applying to college or grad school, applicants must show their experience and potential in gaming and how they have something to add to the class discussions.

The program is co-sponsored by the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business and Extended Studies and UNLV’s International Gaming Institute. Bo Bernhard, executive director of the IGI at UNLV and the Philip G. Satre Chair in Gaming Studies at UNR leads the gaming faculty at both schools, heads this crash course for executives.

Bernhard is also the protégé of Bill Eadington, the economist who pioneered the field of commercial gaming studies and founded this event in 1990 and died in 2013.

Along with Bernhard, former Nevada state senator and Gaming Control Board chairman Mark Lipparelli served as a leader of a faculty that included academics and industry experts from numerous universities and casinos around the world. This year’s presenters and faculty included eight CEOs of gaming industry companies.

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Sports betting case could pay off for internet gambling

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Las Vegas Sun Stories: Gaming
Sports betting case could pay off for internet gambling
Internet gambling in the United States has been limited to just three states since it began in 2013, but it could soon get a big boost from an unlikely source: the U.S. Supreme Court. Some gambling industry officials, regulators and analysts think ...

Las Vegas’ New TV Ad Campaign, Like Sin City Itself, Has an Identity Crisis

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Las Vegas’ New TV Ad Campaign, Like Sin City Itself, Has an Identity Crisis

“Visit Las Vegas.”

It’s not quite as compelling as “What Happens Here, Stays Here,” with the illicit sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll all that implies, that reigned as one of the most iconic ad campaigns of all time for 15 years.

Las Vegas marketing LVCVA

The LVCVA, the marketing agency responsible for Las Vegas’ post-mass shooting image, seems to be a little lost as to what exactly that is, following October’s killing spree from Mandalay Bay by a crazed gunman. (Image: Visit Las Vegas)

Nearly two months removed from the October 1 shooting that left 58 country music concertgoers dead, it’s clear that the gambling capital of America hasn’t quite figured out how to repackage itself.

Titled “We Love Our Fans,” the latest television spot from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) tries to market the resilience of the Las Vegas’ spirit. But it seems to be leaving many underwhelmed.

Airing in Nevada and in key markets across the country, the advertisement is a montage of social media posts: Tweets, Facebook messages, and Instagram photos try to convey unity and strength for the Las Vegas community.

The spot opens with a post declaring, “NO ONE and NOTHING will stop me from going to Vegas.” Another reads, “LV is like a vacation home to me. It is woven into the fabric of my life.” The ad concludes, “We will be there in five days.”

While the escalating (and almost morbid) piano background music perhaps adds a bit of emotion to the spot for some, others believe the commercial fails to resonate.

The production quality is also being criticized, as it doesn’t seem to be much more than what Facebook automatically generates for users’ “Friendversary” and “year in review” videos.

Along with Las Vegas canning its iconic “What Happens Here…” slogan after 15 years, MGM Resorts put aside its recently debuted “Welcome to the Show” marketing campaign that focused on its own non-gaming attractions. The parent company to Mandalay Bay, where gunman Stephen Paddock opened fire, had concluded its new commercial: “We are not in the hotel business. We are in the holy sh*t business.”

It hit social media just a few weeks before the tragedy, and took on a much more ominous, and obviously unintended, meaning afterwards.

Who Came Up with New Spots?

The official marketing organization of Las Vegas, the LVCVA sprung into action just hours after the October 1 shooting began. All paid media, including “What Happens Here, Stays Here” spots, ended at 10:30 pm that night. The agency went into crisis communications mode just 45 minutes later.

The LVCVA quickly brought in R&R Partners, the ad firm responsible for creating the iconic “What Happens Here” slogan.

Most public relations experts believe the marketing agency got it right when it released the #VegasStrong hashtag with two lines of copy that read, “We’ve been there for you during the good times. Thank you for being there for us now.”

While R&R posted the hashtag and copy lines on its website and Facebook page, it hasn’t shared the recent commercials being funded by the LVCVA, meaning the ad agency likely isn’t responsible for the spots. A search turned up no information on who is, either, which is unusual for a major new industry campaign.


Even LVCVA’s main marketing webpage,, is leaving many underwhelmed. It seems the gaming mecca has gone from “Most Creative” to “Most Prosaic” in its latest copy choices. In fact, it’s so boilerplate for any tourist town anywhere across America, it almost makes you wonder if a human, as opposed to an algorithm, even wrote it.

The site’s landing page reads, “Las Vegas has so many entertainment, dining, shopping, nightlife, golf, and spa options, it can be tough to choose … That’s where we come in.” Zzzzzzzz.

For a major resort and gambling destination, most potential visitors, especially after the somewhat spicy and specific “What Happens Here…” campaign, expect more. Maybe a lot more. Ok, a whole lot more.

Here’s hoping that Sin City’s marketing thrust can get back to business before it bores everyone out of a trip.

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Firm becomes 1st in U.S. to offer online virtual sports betting

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Las Vegas Sun Stories: Gaming
Firm becomes 1st in U.S. to offer online virtual sports betting
The company behind internet gambling website has become the first in the U.S. to let gamblers bet real money online on the outcome of virtual sports events. Chicago-based Rush Street Interactive tells The Associated Press it has ...

UK Gambling Commission Reveals Stance on Loot Boxes

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Casino News Daily
UK Gambling Commission Reveals Stance on Loot Boxes

The UK Gambling Commission published today its position on the highly controversial loot boxes within video games and whether these constitute a form of gambling. According to the UK gambling regulator, loot boxes cannot be considered a licensable form of gambling as long as items acquired via loot boxes “cannot be cashed out” by players.

The recent release of the Star Wars Battlefront II video game faced prompt backlash namely due to the use of the so-called loot boxes or loot crates. Basically, these contain items of various nature and value. Some of the items can be particularly valuable and can boost players’ performance significantly. However, players can become familiar with a loot box’s contents only after they have purchased it.

In a statement published on the UK Gambling Commission’s official website, Executive Director Tim Miller said that loot boxes were identified as potential risk to minors in a wider position paper presented by the regulator in 2016 and concerned with video games and features in those that could constitute gambling.

Mr. Miller went on to explain that the line between what is gambling and what is not could be very thin and one key factor needs to be taken into consideration before a decision on if the line has been crossed is made. The gambling regulator pointed out that if in-game items whose acquisition is based on chance can be “considered money or money’s worth”, then these constitute gambling. However, if such items cannot be cashed out and can only be used within the game, then it is more difficult for their obtaining to be considered a form of gambling. In this case, the Commission is not allowed to step in, Mr. Miller said, as it is its responsibility to regulate only activities that represent a form of gambling.

Other Regulator’s Stance on Loot Boxes

A number of gambling regulators have also voiced their opinion and concerns over the nature of loot boxes since the November 17 release of the new Star Wars video game. The Belgian Gaming Commission was among the first regulatory bodies to lash at the news that the game featured loot boxes. It opened investigation into the gambling nature of the controversial feature last week.

A number of media outlets brought the news on Thursday that the gambling regulator has found out that loot boxes were indeed a form of gambling. However, it seems that the Commission is yet to announce its position and conclusion from the probe.

The Netherlands Gaming Authority, Kansspelautoriteit, also said that it would investigate the matter. The regulator is known to be strongly opposed to any form of unregulated gambling that is targeting Dutch players.

An expert from the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation’s Compliance Division said in a reply to a reddit user that loot boxes represented a form of gambling under the Australian state’s current gambling laws and that the items posed serious risks to minors and other vulnerable people as these normalized gambling.

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College Football Friday Showcases 15 Games for Fans

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College Football Friday Showcases 15 Games for Fans

While Thanksgiving provides us with three NFL games, the day after the holiday has a buffet of college games with 15 of them on the television from morning running into the night.

Miami Hurricanes

Miami is No. 2 in the country and in line to go to the College Football Playoffs for the first time. They face Pitt in one of 15 games on the day after Thanksgiving. (Image: USA Today Sports)

The first game is Western Michigan at Toledo and kicks off at 8:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. The final contest begins 11 hours later with UCLA hosting Cal.

In between there are rivalry games, major conference showdowns, Associated Press Top 25 teams and one team that is in the top four of the College Football Playoff Rankings.

Here is a look at some of the marquee match ups that will keep fans and bettors occupied for most of the day.

First Wave Features Miami

Texas Christian University vs. Baylor

The Horned Frogs are No. 10 in the country and earlier in the year was challenging to be one of the four teams in the college playoff. An upset loss to Iowa State, where they were a seven-point favorite, and a drubbing by Oklahoma ruined their chances.

They are still in line for a major bowl game and don’t want hapless Baylor ruining that. They are 24-point favorites to their Texas adversaries in a contest that stretches back to 1899 and is known as “The Revivalry.”

Miami vs. Pittsburgh

The No. 2 Hurricanes are listed third in the College Football Playoff Rankings and would like stay there. Pitt lost its chance to go to a Bowl game when it lost to No. 24 Virginia Tech last week.

The Panthers view this as their biggest game of the season and can play spoiler if they upset Miami, who have struggled in their last two road games, only winning by five and four points.

The oddsmakers don’t think they will lose and have the Hurricanes a 14-point favorite.

Battle of Top 25 Teams

South Florida vs. Central Florida

This afternoon contest features two teams in the Top 25 and one of only four undefeated teams remaining. South Florida should have been without a loss as well, but the No. 22 squad was upset three weeks ago by Houston at home. The Knights have been perfect this season, but could still only manage to climb to No. 13 in the AP Top 25.

They are also on a four-game losing streak against the spread. They opened as a 9 ½-point pick against the Bulls, but the line has moved to 11. They are also motivated, having lost the last two meetings.

Virginia vs. Virginia Tech

The No. 24 Hokies haven’t lost to Virginia since 2004 and the sportsbooks don’t think it will happen this year despite being on the road. The team is a 7-point favorite and at some places it has moved up a half-point.

Some bettors believe it is a little low, since the Cavaliers have lost four of their last five games, including a 44-28 thrashing at Miami last week. VT won last week against Pitt, but is on a three-game losing streak against the spread.

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Hundreds Prosecuted for Minor Gaming Violations at Colorado Casinos

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Hundreds Prosecuted for Minor Gaming Violations at Colorado Casinos

If you happen upon a slot machine that still has a few credits left on it, you might feel like you’ve earned an unexpected bonus as you press the button. But if you’re in a Colorado casino, you might actually be earning yourself a criminal record in the process.

Colorado abandoned slot credits

Casinos in Colorado have helped prosecute gamblers who have bet other players’ abandoned credits, even when they are just a couple dollars or less. (Image: Denver Post)

According to a report by KDVR, a FOX television affiliate in Denver, hundreds of casino patrons have been cited or arrested under a little-known Colorado law since 2012. In Gilpin County, site of the Golden Gates casino and several others in the town of Black Hawk outside of Denver, 469 customers have been arrested for gaming violations, with at least 78 receiving jail sentences.

And many of those the result of a strict interpretation of a Colorado law that directs the Division of Gaming to investigate all situations where one casino customer takes money that belongs to another.

Overzealous Prosecutions

While those investigations are important in preventing theft, the KDVR report highlighted situations in which players were being charged with crimes over issues of a couple dollars or less in abandoned slots credit.

The story highlighted the case of a man identified as “Dan,” who went by a pseudonym because he had a professional license he didn’t want to jeopardize. Earlier this year, Dan was at Johnny Z’s Casino in Central City. While playing slots, he noticed that a previous customer had left $2 in credit on the machine next to him, so he played the leftover money.

Nothing happened at the time to suggest he had done anything wrong. But the next time Dan showed up to play, he was approached by casino security and state gaming enforcement officers. They escorted him to an upstairs room where he says he was told that he stole $2 from the casino.


Dan ultimately pleaded guilty to misdemeanor fraud, which came with a deferred sentence and the opportunity to have his criminal record sealed. He also had to pay more than $250 in fines, accept a one-year ban from casinos, perform 24 hours of community service, and pay for his background check and probation services.

In another case uncovered by KDVR, a man named AJ Werling ended up with a fraud conviction after playing 76 cents that had been left on a machine that he had also put $20 of his own money into.

“I’m not a criminal,” Werling said. “It’s ridiculous. It’s 76 cents.”

Most jurisdictions have laws that allow casinos to claim abandoned slots credits. In 2011, Nevada passed a law that allows casinos to keep just 25 percent of found money, with the remainder going to the state treasury.

According to gaming expert John Robison, casinos vary on how aggressively they prosecute those who skirt these rules by playing “found” credits themselves, with more traditional gambling hotbeds such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas being more forgiving than some newcomers to the industry.

Of course, if you let someone else play your credits, all bets are off. Earlier this year, Florida gambler Jan Flato lost out on a $100,000 jackpot after he allowed a woman he had recently met to push the button that set off the winning spin. As the button-pusher, she was able to claim the entire jackpot for herself, which she chose not to share with Flato, who was simply out of luck.

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MGM Resorts Commences Search for Springfield Casino Staff

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Casino News Daily
MGM Resorts Commences Search for Springfield Casino Staff

Gambling operator MGM Resorts International has opened a career center in Springfield, Massachusetts, seeking employees for its $950-plus-million gambling resort currently under development in the heart of the city.

The Las Vegas-based company was granted a license to develop a hotel and casino complex several years ago, when Massachusetts voters approved the construction of commercial casinos within the state’s borders. Wynn Resorts, another Las Vegas headquartered gambling giant, is also building an integrated resort in Massachusetts.

MGM Springfield is slated to open doors in September 2018, and the operator has been gearing up for the opening by ramping up construction activity and starting its quest for future employees. According to the most recent information provided by MGM Resorts, construction is progressing as scheduled and they will be able to complete the complex on time.

MGM Springfield was initially expected to be launched a bit earlier but challenges related to its design and the delayed completion of nearby infrastructure eventually forced developers to choose a later date for a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Job Opportunities at MGM Springfield

Under the terms of its license from Massachusetts regulators, MGM Resorts will have to make sure that at least 35% of its workforce at its casino resort is represented by Springfield residents. What is more, 90% of all employees will have to be from around the region. The gambling operator has previously pointed out that MGM Springfield would create 3,000 jobs.

At present, interested people could visit the newly opened downtown city career center. The center features a computerized lab and interview rooms. In addition, job seekers could find around 250 job descriptions online.

Being scheduled to open doors in September 2018, MGM Springfield will actually be the state’s first full-scale commercial casino property. Wynn Boston Harbor, which is currently under development in the Greater Boston area, is planned to be launched in the summer of 2019.

MGM Springfield will feature a 125,000-square-foot gaming floor, a six-story hotel, and a number of food and beverage, entertainment, and dining facilities, among others.

MGM Resorts has announced recently that it would add more poker tables at its casino floor than originally planned. According to the casino operator, table games have been making “a bit of a comeback” and have regained popularity among players. Last year, MGM Resorts launched MGM National Harbor in Maryland.

Based on the behavior of the patrons at the casino floor of the aforementioned resort, the gambling company found out that poker and table games, as a whole, were favored by millennials over slot machines. And gambling operators and providers of both software and hardware for the industry have been looking for ways to attract the attention of that particular demographic as it is set to turn into the main gambling cohort in near future.

MGM Springfield is set to feature 23 poker tables at its casino floor, up from the previously planned 16 such tables.

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Three Thanksgiving NFL Games Carry On Old, New Traditions

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Three Thanksgiving NFL Games Carry On Old, New Traditions

It’s a tradition as entrenched in America as the turkey that’s served up on the same day, and the NFL football games slated for Thanksgiving provide bettors with some intriguing match-ups this year.

Matthew Stafford

Detroit’s quarterback Matt Stafford is the highest paid player in the NFL and is expected to lead his team over Minnesota in one of three games played on Thanksgiving Day. (Image: Getty Images)

There are three contests that showcase two established teams that play on this day and an evening game that is celebrating its 11th year.

Since 1934 the Detroit Lions have hosted a team in the first game on the third Thursday in November and this year they will be welcoming Minnesota. The second game will feature Dallas, who has played on this day every year since 1966 and began the ritual as more of a publicity stunt by famous Cowboys General Manager Tex Schramm.

Finally, we arrive at the evening finale, which is the newest addition to the Turkey Day slate of games. This match-up began in 2006 as an idea by NFL executives to capitalize on the popularity of the sport. There is no assigned team to this game and this year the New York Giants will travel to Washington to face the Redskins.

Minnesota vs. Detroit

This game features the highest paid player in the league against the biggest surprise team. Lions quarterback Matt Stafford signed a five-year contract extension worth $135 million in August and has led his squad to a 6-4 record.

He is facing the first-place Vikings who have an 8-2 record despite losing two starting quarterbacks over the last 2 years. Teddy Bridgewater suffered a gruesome leg injury 15 months ago and was just recently added back to the active roster.

His replacement was former NFL #1 overall pick Sam Bradford, who almost immediately was injured and underwent arthroscopic knee surgery the first week of November. Then, quarterback Case Keenum stepped in to replace Bradford, and he has been able to keep the Vikings afloat for most of the year. Keenum has been the starter for the team’s current winning streak with a quarterback rating of 93.7.

The line on the game began as a pick ’em but has since moved from 1 ½ to 2 ½. The over/under has also been adjusted. It opened at 44 ½ and rose half a point.

LA Chargers vs. Dallas

Dallas got a serious dose of reality when they faced the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday without running back Ezekiel Elliott, who accepted his six-game suspension. He didn’t play against Atlanta the week before and a trio of replacements gained 67 yards on 15 carries in the 27-7 loss.

Sunday they faced the division leading Philadelphia Eagles and Alfred Morris managed 91 yards on 17 carries but the team still lost, 37-9.

The Chargers are fresh off a serious beat down of the Buffalo Bills. They won the game, 54-24 and are trying to salvage their season. The victory gave them renewed hope they can get back to a .500 record.

The odds started at 3 ½ points for Dallas but with their struggles offensively and a two-game losing streak, the line has moved to one point and in some cases, a pick ’em. The over/under has risen a half-point and now stands at 48.

New York Giants vs. Washington

The Giants travel to the nation’s capital to face a division rival that is fighting for a playoff spot. New York is struggling to attain mediocrity having won just two games all season. They did surprise Super Bowl contender Kansas City, 12-9 on Sunday.

But will they revert to the old team that has struggled most of the season? The Washington players certainly hope so. They lost in overtime against the Saints and if they have any chance of getting in the postseason will have to win this contest.

The Redskins are favored by seven, down from the opening line of 9. The over/under has jumped from 41 ½ to 44 ½.

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Local Casinos Less Attractive to Singaporeans, Decrease in Entry Fee Collections Shows

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Casino News Daily
Local Casinos Less Attractive to Singaporeans, Decrease in Entry Fee Collections Shows

The initial interest in casino gambling seems to have worn off among Singaporeans and permanent residents, figures released by the Singapore Totalisator Board (Tote Board) showed. Citing data from the board’s financial report for the financial year ended March 31, 2017, local media reported that the government agency collected S$134 million in casino entry levies during the reviewed period.

The figure represented a 21% drop from the S$170 million reported for the financial year ended March 31, 2013.

Singapore’s Tote Board was established in the 1990. The government-run agency is tasked with operating the provision of horse racing and totalisator services to local customers through the Singapore Turf Club. It is also in charge of the 4D, TOTO, and Singapore Sweep brands as well as of sports betting through its subsidiary Singapore Pools.

Last but not least, the agency is also responsible for the collection of the so-called casino entry levy from the nation’s two integrated casino resorts – Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands.

Under Singapore’s gambling laws, Singaporeans and permanent residents are required to pay the amount of S$100 in a daily levy in order to be admitted to the floors of local casinos or a S$2,000 full-year levy for the same purpose. The measure was introduced to deter residents of the country from falling victims to excessive gambling.

Responsible Gambling and Singapore’s Casino Industry

Singapore legalized casino gambling in the mid-2000s. The nation’s two integrated resorts opened doors in 2010. According to data released by the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore, around 17,000 residents visited the casino floors per day in 2012, down from 20,000 average daily visits in 2010. As seen from the decrease in casino entry levy collections, the number of visits from Singaporeans and permanent residents has decreased even further over the past several years.

According to analysts, interest in the two land-based casinos has worn off over the years and the introduction of a casino entry levy could be pointed to as the reason for this.

It was also found out that while casino gambling may be experiencing a downfall, other gambling services have been attracting quite a lot of interest among customers. According to official data, sports betting and wagering on lotteries have been particularly popular over the past several years.

Analysts have pointed out that there is another trend among Singaporeans that may have affected interest in land-based casino gambling. It is believed that many players and bettors have felt tempted to gamble online. Here it is important to note that online gambling is illegal under Singapore’s laws, which means that customers are wagering their funds on the websites of unregulated operators. Experts fear that the money spent on online gambling exceeds multiple times what is spent on legal gambling options.

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