Karl Slatoff from Take-Two Claims Loot Boxes Are Not Form of Gambling

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Karl Slatoff from Take-Two Claims Loot Boxes Are Not Form of Gambling

Recently, loot boxes have been in the spotlight of a controversial debate whether or not they should be classified as gambling. A number of Governments and regulatory authorities worldwide have revealed that they are to take the matter into consideration. Others, such as Belgium, have already categorized them as gambling and urged other European countries to take measures and ban loot boxes.

Of course, not everyone thinks loot boxes are form of gambling activity. Speaking at the Credit Suisse 21st Annual Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, the president of the American multinational video games and video game peripherals’ publisher and distributor Take-Two, Karl Slatoff, shared that he does not think loot boxes could be described as gambling.

This statement is not surprising, provided the fact that it comes only a week after the one of the Entertainment Software Association, the lobbying group which represents large companies such as Microsoft, Nintendo and Take-Two. The opponents of loot boxes who consider the latter a form of gambling have taken these statements as harsh rejection of public concerns shared by many Government officials in a number of countries, including Belgium, the UK and the US, since authorities there have been concerned with the possible dangers of fraudulent loot box schemes.

It remains unknown whether or not will authorities agree with the explanation given by Mr. Slatoff, but the truth is that loot boxes and other micro-transactions are some of the most popular and preferred ways for gaming content publishers and developers to make money.

Nothing Wrong with Loot Boxes, Says Take-Two President

Mr. Slatoff was asked to comment on the recent controversy in regards to loot boxes and micro-transactions. As shared by him, the company’s view corresponded to the one of the European Space Agency (ESA), so Take-Two does not see loot boxes as gambling.

He shared that unlike the ones who describe loot boxes as a form of gambling, he and his company simply see them as tools that allow players to pay for some items that would make the game easier for them.

According to the video games publisher and distributor’s boss, the issue is all about content and about “overdelivering” on it. In his opinion, the main focus is always set on content and providing customers with the best-quality offering. Take-Two’s president shared that his company’s aim has always been to provide players with the best variety of extras to make their game easier and more interesting.

Mr. Slatoff also shared his projections for the gaming landscape over the upcoming years. He spoke of the various aspects of the gaming industry and paid extra attention to the ever-growing online gaming operations. He said he sees the future of gaming in online gaming and explained that the gaming operations would most likely go digital over the next ten years. When it comes to the long term, Mr. Slatoff explained that digital world is the future of gaming.

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