Rainer Kempe earns $200,000 with Caribbean Poker Party Festival win

Posted by Costin Dinescu on 6:18 AM

The Caribbean Poker Party Festival is in full swing in Punta Cana with players from around the globe taking part in various events hosted by partypoker. The $1,100 MILLIONS Open event just recently finished up, with 812 players competing. In the end, it was Rainer Kempe who finished in first-place, earning $200,000 for his efforts.

According to Poker News, once the poker tournament whittled down to the final two, it would be Kempe and Claudio Di Giacomo competing in heads-up play. The two would battle for the chip lead for around 45 minutes with each player staying fairly close to the other. Heads-up play would last just over 90 minutes before the final hand would take place.

Kempe would slowly work on Di Giacomo’s chip stack and when he had the lead, the last hand of the tournament would take place. Both would be all in before the flop with Di Giacomo holding A-Q with Kempe showing A-K. An Ace hit on the flop giving Kempe the lead and there was no help on the turn and river, so Di Giacomo would have to settle for second place.