Clark County Witnesses Travelers Profit Surge Prior to ilani Casino Resort Event Center Launch

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Clark County Witnesses Travelers Profit Surge Prior to ilani Casino Resort Event Center Launch

The region of Clark County in Washington state is experiencing quite the positive surge of profit in the last years and this is a positive tendency which promises strong profits for the year 2018 as well. The news comes only several weeks prior to the official opening of the new facility of the ilani Casino Resort which is going to be a brand new meeting and entertainment center ready to welcome thousands of guests.

The information regarding the growing interest of tourists from near and far towards the location was brought by the most recent report issued by Visit Vancouver USA. This is the destination marketing organization providing information regarding the latest happenings in the area and the bearer of good news for the region. According to the data provided by the organization, the location is enjoying more tourists which in turn propel ahead the development of the local economy.

Jacob Schmidt is Director of Marketing for the City of Vancouver and as he claimed the recent years have seen a steady growth. The year of 2000 saw some $273.5 million generated by tourists in the area and in comparison to the data issued for 2016, the jump is significant. Thanks to the growing popularity of the area of Clark County, the growth of profits reached $472.5 million. These rates are expected to be even higher after the official launch of ilani Casino Resort which took place back in April 2017.

Gambling and Entertainment Offerings in Clark County

The casino resort which is situated some 26 kilometers north of Portland saw its official opening in the spring of 2017, which was closely followed by the launch of the long-anticipated restaurant offerings located at the Waterfront Vancouver in July. For everyone interested in giving the location a try there are two restaurants as well as a 90-foot pier and a park. It is not a secret to anyone that food-providing facilities are among the most popular boosts for the development of a given area and 2016 saw a 25-percent increase to $123.3 million on food purchases in comparison to 2010.

This April is going to see the latest addition to the ilani Casino Resort which is expected to bring an even bigger cash inflow to the region. As a celebration of twelve months of operation, the resort is planning to welcome the brand new event center which will bring big names in the entertainment industry to Clark County and propel ahead the economy. Kara Fox-LaRose, President and General Manager of ilani claimed that the new center will span across 30,000 square feet, as It will feature a 22,000-square-foot Cowlitz Ballroom.

It will be able to host up to 800 people when it is utilized at its banquet-style layout, whereas there is also the option for welcoming as many as 2,500 people when set up for concerts. There will be a pre-function area dedicated for receptions, as well as a boards room, which could be used for meetings with fewer people. The new addition will provide a well-rounded range of offerings able to serve on various occasions, but according to the management, it will not compete with the existing event centers in the area.

All scheduled congregations and concerts will be held at a time, which would not interfere with the Sunlight Supply Amphitheater and the Clark County Event Center, thus preventing the conflicts of events and controlling the city traffic situation.

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